Pre-digestive Bitter Green Smoothie

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If you have recently had some digestive issues or haven’t visited the happily-ever-after place as often as you used to, you are not alone. Unfortunately, during this hard time, we all are prone to suffer constipation and inflammatory diseases more often than not due to poor nutrition, lack of healthy gut bacteria, dietary fiber, exercise, sunlight, and lots of worries, depression, stress, and fear.

In the face of these frightening circumstances, it is totally natural that our body activates the sympathetic nervous system response in order to fight or flight before an imminent threat.  In a matter of nanoseconds the body decides if it will fight or flight and during the process our levels of cortisol go up, digestive processes slow down, blood pressure goes up and heartbeats speed up. Our immune system weakens and we become more vulnerable to illness.

However, a strong and healthy body always fights back and flees if it doesn’t have strong troops to protect it. I want you to fight back stronger than ever and not retrieving as an option.

A healthy and wise way to start building a strong army and enlisting new soldiers that can stimulate your gut health is by drinking a pre-digestive bitter green smoothie every morning so that you jump start your day feeling energetic and vibrant for your soul to thrive

My pre-digestive bitter green smoothie made with whole fresh fruits and whole bitter vegetables is packed with dietary fiber and enzymes to help you reactivate your digestive system, stimulate gastric juices, and provoke peristalsis (relaxation of the muscles of the intestine) for healthy elimination of waste.


What you need:

½ small Indian or Chinese bitter melon** (remove the seeds with the back of a tsp)

1 cup dandelion greens

½ cup watercress

¼ fennel medium

½ cup pineapple

Nopalcan (nopal cactus powder)

1 small piece of fresh aloe vera

1 tsp lemon juice

**Bitter melon, fennel, watermelon, and dandelion are considered natural digestive boosters due to they stimulate the bowel, relieve constipation and support the immune system.  On the other hand, pineapple contains bromelain a dietary enzyme that helps breakdown proteins into single amino acids for better digestion and absorption.  Nopal cactus packed with dietary fiber, helps regulate levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in the blood, stimulate the bowel, relieve constipation, clean the intestine, and decrease inflammation. Dietary fiber is also the type of prebiotic that feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, which is responsible for producing nutrients for your colon cells that lead to a healthier digestive system.  Aloe vera is a digestive aid that may help reduce constipation.

What to do:

Blend all ingredients with warm water and drink them in the morning in an empty stomach.

This pre⁣-digestive bitter green smoothie will make you experience again that happily-ever-after feeling that you may be missing all this time.



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