Synergic Living: 6 approaches to help you heal your gut and fulfill your soul

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Healing of the gut and caring of the soul are, both, the foundation of my wholistic practice.  The Synergic Living’s services and products have been designed to help you repair and heal your gut, rediscover and honor your soul as well as becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings so that you can use them to grow and thrive as a human being.

Body-mind-soul when working together in synergy become the art of being in harmony within one’s self.  At Synergic Living, our goal is to help you discover and develop the skills and talents that are already within you so that you can experience vibrant health, authentic joy, profound love, inner peace, true bliss, rightful wholeness and ultimately, timeless wisdom.

These are the 6 Synergic Living approaches that aim to reach our goal of helping you  live a life in harmony with your true self, your soul:

  1. Food Products – Maintaining a clean gut is the key to great health, a youthful body, healthy weight, glowing skin and hair and strong bones. Nopalcan (organic ,100% dehydrated nopal cactus powder, a source of dietary fiber), Nopalcan Thrive (nopal cactus powder and acai berry as well as Collagen 50+ Glow (pure hydrolyzed fish collagen, coming soon), have all been created to help you build  a clean and healthy gut in order to support your new whole and fresh way of eating.


  1. Whole and Fresh Green Smoothies – It has been proven that by drinking one dark-leaf green smoothie a day in the morning improves digestion, builds a healthy microbial environment, provides necessary vitamins and minerals, enhances the absorption of nutrients, induces bowel movements, boosts the immune system, builds healthy bones, maintains healthy organs, boosts your energy, engages you in healthy habits, reduces cravings, and helps you lose weight. Here I am bringing the Blissful Green Smoothies to help you simplify your life and making your health and weight loss goals more attainable, so that you can focus on what matters the most: the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.


  1. The Synergic Living Nutrition Program – Knowledge leads to awareness and awareness to better decisions. It’s important to become aware of what you eat, think, feel, breathe, say, do, and have in order to make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones as you work on the fulfillment of your greatest purpose. The Weight Management Nutrition Program (WMN) designed for small groups provides weekly sessions so that you have the necessary knowledge and tools to take your health in your hands as you become a master of your own health and wellness.  Whether your goal is losing weight, practicing the right exercises, maintaining or recovering your health, becoming more aware of the healthy choices you have available, learn new things or just to share your knowledge and expertise with others, this program will help you transform your whole life into a new healthy and vibrant way of living


  1. Workshops and Lectures– Through workshops and lectures, I encourage you and inspiring you to grow healthy and fit, discover and follow your soul’s purpose, develop your awareness, recover your wisdom, unleash your cooking and culinary skills, get to know yourself, discover new skills, and dare to start new adventures. I dare you to thrive.


  1. Hub for human connections – As the body is nourished, so the soul. I believe in the power of deep and strong human connection.   can be and it is important to All of our events are an excellent opportunity to get together with like-minded souls.  Whether at dances, dinners, karaoke nights, wine tours, games evenings, and other social and business events, finding an activity that invigorates and inspire your soul will allow you to connect with others at a higher, healthy energy level, besides getting your daily doses of hugs and laughs.


  1. Retreats– Give you the opportunity to spend quiet time in nature in company of other like-minded souls and the space you need to re-discover your authentic soul and re-design your life purpose in harmony with your soul. The SL Retreats create long-term benefits to your overall wellbeing to retrain your body, reset your mind and nourish your soul.  They allow you to take time out from your daily busy life and connect with your innermost nature in nature all while enjoying delightful healthy meals, immersing in active meditation and connecting with you body through yoga poses, n=but most importantly, but most importantly, you will get back to your new life feeling empowered and inspired to pursue your truest soul’s purpose, complete health, joy, love and peace.

I just can’t wait to work and walk with you on your journey towards living as a healthy, loving, joyful and peaceful human being in harmony with your innermost nature – your soul.

With much love,


Refer to the article “The Gut-Soul Connection: To heal the gut fulfill the soul” for more information on the gut/soul connection.

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