I feel I am living my purpose when I help people achieve their healthiest most joyful state of living.  I use my knowledge, observations, direct experiences, intuition and wisdom to help them build the spiritual-energy connection between body, mind, and soul.

About Ivette

The original soul’s call

Do you know what your soul’s call is? Are you longing for it? Is this longing affecting your overall health? If so, let me tell you something, it is right here where your soul journey to wholeness and wellness will start.

If the call of one’s soul is a dream, in my early teens I dreamed about becoming the best actor and jazz dancer in the world. I wanted to connect with others, communicate a message and, somehow, leave a legacy and a trace of excellence in people’s lives through my performances.

I lived this dream in Mexico, joyfully and successfully, for seven years. However, after performing in a Hispanic play in Hollywood, California for a short season, I fell in love with the city of eternal spring, palm trees, and warm beaches.  Although I had to leave Los Angeles, I set my mind on getting back, but this time, to live there permanently.  In the pursuit of this greater dream, I left my orignal soul’s call behind.  Four years later, after graduating from a second major in International Trade and Commerce, thanks to my hard work, my divine angels, perfect synchronicities, and multiple meaningful coincidences, I got a corporate job in L.A.  My new dream had come true.

“Home is not a physical place to live, but a place where I can stay and always get back to during my soul’s journey: a warm, loving, peaceful, joyful, healthy, and cheerful place within myself that I can call home, regardless of my physical residence and people around me.”
Thank you for taking your time to learn more about my soul journey

My Journey to Wellness


The beginning of my pilgrimage towards my way back home

My pilgrimage to wellness started as many journeys do, with a wake-up call; a wake up call back to that original dream from my teenage years – and what I will call my life blueprint, my truest self, my innermost nature, my inner being, my soul’s call, or, in one word, home.

The wake-up call came disguised as an illness seven years after I had lived in Los Angeles.  Although I was looking forward to being repatriated, this time to Canada, I fought against all odds for the first three years after arriving at this new country to get my way back “home.”

The sudden discovery of multiple large uterine fibroids at the age of 40 was the crossroads of my life.  I was given two options by my doctor: undergo a hormonal treatment or wait until they grew large enough to cause severe pain, bleeding and organ damage in order for the fibroids to be removed, most likely along with the entire uterus, for an easier and faster elimination of the “problem.”

I didn’t accept either option and avid for knowledge, I started researching on this female condition.  I learned that although uterine fibroids occur in women due to hormonal changes and disappear after menopause, they are also the manifestation of a lack of self-expression and creativity. Although I had been taking care of my physical body by keeping a healthy diet and drinking green smoothies every morning for 10 years prior to my diagnosis to keep my gut clean and my colon healthy due to a long severe case of constipation, it was clear to me that I had overlooked and failed to take care of all other areas of my life: intellectual, emotional, environmental, occupational, social, spiritual and humanitarian.  At that moment, I faithfully declared that I was going to take care of my own health by not only changing my lifestyle, but totally transforming my life into a new way of living in harmony with my authentic self, my soul, in order to reduce, and even eliminate, my fibroids sustainably and naturally (check the upcoming “My Uterine Fibroids Protocol” article in my blog.)

“I did not see illness, just the opportunity to reclaim my own  wholeness, rediscover my nature, unleash my creativity, and reinvent myself, all in the face of my ongoing pain.” Ivette Vega

Living My Soul’s Purpose

Lessons learned during the pilgrimage

In the midst of my physical and emotional pain, I learned to listen intuitively to my original wisdom.  It was telling me to embrace my illness and pain as an opportunity to honor my wholeness and bring into my life the “home” that my heart was so longing for.

Finding home

Synergic Living was created out of my pilgrimage towards my own health and wellness.  My passion for a healthy body-mind-spirit connection led me to reconnect my soul once again with my original purpose to finally find home, while pursuing a delightful new journey towards its fulfillment.

Striving to serve you through my products and services

As an artist again, but now of my own life and as a human being, I strive to play my best role in life ever by encouraging you and inspiring you through my food products and wholistic nutrition services to transform your life into a healthier, more joyful, loving and peaceful way of living in harmony with your innermost nature, your soul in order that you can reach your health and weight management goals in a sustainable way. Moreover, I strive to help you find your purpose in encouraging and inspiring others to heal their hearts and live their soul’s purpose in order for them to reach their health and weight managment goals as well.

About Synergic Living

Synergic Living came about as a wake-up call to act upon the imperative need for keeping eight areas of well-being in harmony with my truest self, my soul:

  • Intellectual actualization – Striving for personal and human growth
  • Emotional freedom – Detaching from emotions and unhealthy ego
  • Physical fitness – Maturing fit and healthy
  • Social commitment – Committing to engaging and giving to society
  • Environmental collaboration – Contributing to a healthy planet
  • Occupational satisfaction – Pursuing a meaningful work
  • Spiritual growth – Recognizing one’s divine in each other
  • Humanitarian evolution – Evolving towards a more compassionate, loving, joyful, and conscious human being

The more these eight levels of wholeness work in harmony with each other, the more our character manifests to the outer world and the easier our soul thrives. Deep feelings of well-being, high levels of physical and mental activity, creativity, fulfillment and life satisfaction along with a youthful and vibrant look are fully experienced as a result.

At Synergic Living, we deeply believe that a nourished and fit body is the result of a healthy, quiet, and peaceful mind; supported by a calm, loving, and joyful soul (which in turn influences, again, on the physical well-being). Body, mind, and soul, combined, create whole, healthy individuals who are not only concerned about their own well-being, but also that of their families, their friends, their employees, their neighbors, their communities at large, and that of all sentient beings.

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