A complete understanding of the food you eat and its unique effects on your body, health, and overall well-being should not end at your holistic nutritionist consultant’s office. Acquiring lifetime nutrition knowledge as well as honouring your soul purpose, recognizing your intuition, returning to your original wisdom, and strengthening your inner power are all the key to your health and weight loss success.  

The Weight Management Nutrition Program has been designed to provide you with lifelong science-based nutrition knowledge to help you awaken your intuitive and powerful self-healing mechanisms, unleash your creative cooking potential, and bring into light your soul’s purpose. Through a deep exploration of the principles of nutrition and weight management, as well as a complete understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of human behavior, the WMN Program will help you explore and dig into your daily food decision-making processes as well as discovering your unique way to make your new healthy body weight sustainable.

Through a comprehensive four-stages approach, the WMN Program offers you both theoretical and practical education at each session. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary inspirational tools and educational materials to help you develop your skills on optimal nutrition and expand your expertise on weight management in order that you become the master of your own health as you reach and sustain your optimal body weight and wellness goals.

After the completion of each stage, you have not only experienced a true life transformation by applying your skills and expertise to your everyday living, but you will feel compelled to share with others what you learned at each stage and naturally inspire them to reach their own health and weight loss goals as you guide them towards their own life transformation.

3 Group Sessions – 2 hour each session

In this first stage, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating.  This stage summarizes the effects of food, air, water, sunlight, exercise, human touch, sleep and eustress in the quality of your life, the role of the macronutrients and micronutrients during the digestive process, the synergistic functionality of the digestive system with all other body systems as well as the importance of gut health over the other human organs as well as the energy balance basics to speed up your metabolism and lose weight in a sustainable way.  After the completion of this stage you will be able to assess your own state of health based on the principles of nutrition, know how to apply the 8 pillars of health to your daily life, listen to and communicate with your gut intuitively in order to heal it, make better eating choices to maintain a healthy energy balance as well as customize your wellness plan in accordance with your personal health determinants.

  • Health and Wellness Assessment. Setting up health and wellness goals
  • The role of the 8 pillars of health and wellness in the quality of life
  • Definition of health and natural nutrition. Creating a personal definition
  • The digestive system: the importance of maintaining a healthy gut
  • The building blocks: macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  • Food Combining for an effective and healthy digestion
  • Introduction to dietary supplements
  • Basics of energy balance and metabolism
  • Health Determinants: BMI, body shape, body composition factors, body fat,
  • Customizing your weekly meal plans

Currently offering only zoom group sessions.

Maximum 4 people.

Investment per person for 3 session $ 315.00

Pre-requiste – Fill out the LifeStyle Assesstment Form and a free 45 minutes one-on-one session with me.

Sessions held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00.

4 Group Sessions – 2 hours a session

In this second stage, you will bring the fundamentals of nutrition directly to your kitchen.  One of the best ways to make your personal healthy eating plan sustainable is to be prepared.  You will be guided step by step towards the process of re-inventing and re-organizing your wellness nutrition kitchen in an active and practical way in order to make your cooking experience easier and more enjoyable.  This module includes pantry clean out, grocery shopping trips, the Synergic Way of Living pantry re-stocking, Nutrition Facts labels reading, introduction to new food products and produce, such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, herbs, and spices.  At the end of this stage, you will be able to prepare your dishes creatively from scratch.  You will be able to recognize the content of fat, sodium, sugar, artificial flavors and colors in your food products.  You will avoid food aisles completely and work your way around the markets in no time. You will also know how to choose foods from each building block.  The shopping, cleaning and prepping process will become fun, creative and super enjoyable!

Setting up your Culinary Kitchen for Healthful Eating

  • Re-inventing your kitchen: Pantry and refrigerator clean up
  • Grocery Shopping Trips: Organic vs. Conventional vs. local produce and products
  • Learning how to read Nutrition Fact Labels – Understanding serving size, calorie count, amount and the Percent Daily Value
  • Understanding the impact in your body of food enhances and additives, Genetic Modified Organism (GMO) and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), foods high in sodium, artificial sweeteners, high fructose, corn syrup, and gluten
  • Top kitchen utensils and equipment for healthy cooking
  • Learning how to prepare and storage your vegetable and fruit to optimize your cooking experience
  • One hour practical cooking class at each session to unleash your culinary chef skills

Currently only offering zoom group sessions.

Maximum 4 people per session.

Investment per person for 4 session $ 420.00

Pre-requiste – Completion of Stage One.

Sessions held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

3 Group Sessions – 2 hours a session

Now that you have a solid foundation of healthy nutrition and set up your culinary nutrition kitchen for success, in this third stage you will be introduced to the science-based facts of weight management.  You will learn to recognize your body’s biochemistry and how to speed up your metabolism with food, the role of insulin and glycogen in weight loss/gain, diseases attributed to weight distribution.  After the completion of this module, you will have a broad understanding of the science behind weight management and what, when and how to eat for weight loss, You will be skilled at developing your personal weight loss formula based on your own body’s biochemistry and by learning about the main weight loss diets.

The science of Weight Management

  • Body’s biochemistry for weight management
  • Weight loss and weight management: losing weight vs. becoming fit
  • The science behind weight loss: energy balance, thermogenesis and brown fats
  • Hormones: Insulin and glycogen and the body fat distribution
  • Diseases associated with overweight: genetics vs. epigenetics
  • Analysis of the most popular weight loss diets
  • The role of detoxification in weight management
  • The dietary fiber factor in health and weight management
  • Creating customized Weight Management Nutrition plans
  • Designing personalized weight management fitness plans
  • The Way of living: an everyday sustainable way of living
  • The healthful weight management mindset
  • Discovering your unique weight loss formula

Currently only offering zoom group sessions.

Maximum 4 people per session.

Investment per person for 3 session $ 315.00

Pre-requiste – Completion of Stage Two.

Sessions held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

3 Group Sessions – 2 hours per session

You now know how your digestive works, how to nourish your gut with whole living foods. You are prepared and skilled at preparing healthy and delicious meals that sustain your new way of living. You know your biochemistry and your body and its response to food.  It is now time to become aware of the truth behind your food choices: the psychological behavior and the emotional trauma that is preventing you from reaching your health and weight loss goals.  At the end of this stage, you will have become aware of your negative emotions behind your binges and cravings, of your destructive behaviors and external influences that are blocking your way to success.  You will also be inspired to discover your greater goal and purpose in life and follow it through so that you heal body-mind-soul.

Wholistic Approach to Weight Management

  • The physiological and psychological factors that affect body weight
  • Positive emotions for health and weight loss: love, joy, passion, empathy, faith, compassion, and peace
  • The language of emotions: how to take charge of your negative emotions
  • Chronic stress: Healing the body and freeing your heart from personal trauma
  • Integrative Holistic practices for stress relief
  • Creating a conscious way of living: Discover and develop your soul’s purpose
  • Weight management mantra: inner peace over a perfect body for a sustainable healthy weight loss

Currently only offering zoom group sessions.

Maximum 4 people.

Investment per person for 3 session $ 315.00

Pre-requiste – Completion of Stage Three.

Sessions held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

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